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Discover the Fontanelle Cemetery

 The Fontanelle cemetery in Naples can be discovered for free: the entrance is always free.
The better way to visit the Fontanelle cemetery is with a guide.
Mainly because if you visit alone you’ll see only skulls and bones: without any explanation you won't discover the history and curiosity around that special skulls, their story, their past.
Secondly because is beautiful to share this tour with a neapolitan guide who love this place and in particular love the Sanità - Vergini district
From various associations that offer a guide tour for discover the Fontanelle  Cemetery, we suggest Insolitaguida Napoli famous for its professionality and cordiality.
The phone number to contact Insolitaguida Napoli and book a complete tour of Sanità-Vergini district and Fontanelle  cemetery in Naples is +39 338 965 22 88