• How much is the entrance to the Fontanelle Cemetery

    Very often people are asking how much is the entrance to the Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples and we always answer that the entrance to the Fontanelle Cemetery is free: there is no ticket to pay!

    The Fontanelle Cemetery is opened for free!

    We will never tire of repeating.

    Even thought

    Although there are the usual sharks who are trying to turn it into a small possession; for now (and hopefully forever) the Fontanelle Cemetery has no tickets; therefore the cost of the ticket for entrance to the Fontanelle cemetery is zero Euros.


    If someone offers you the admission fee to the Fontanelle Cemetery do not be afraid to let us know: we will do everything possible so that the scammers are exposed!



Se leggi questo messaggio vuol dire che il Cimitero delle Fontanelle è ancora chiuso ed è inutile che telefoni per sapere quando riapre. Nel frattempo puoi acquistare l'Insolita Guida al Cimitero delle Fontanelle

Cimitero delle Fontanelle temporaneamente chiuso